How Media and Communication Create Change

How media leads to behaviour change

This film explains simply how we use research to create a ‘theory of change’ for our health programmes

How we work with local partners

Watch how we empower others to provide accurate and targeted information that helps people understand how to do things differently

How to make health communication effective

Here you can explore how we inspire communities to help women have safer pregnancies and healthy babies

Engaging influencers

Watch how our programmes engage those with a strong influence over the way women approach their own health and parenting

Creating a safe space for political discussion

How media can bring different groups together to discuss, mediate and problem-solve – especially at the local level

The Power of Talk – Film

See how media can be used to help people hold their leaders to account and influence the decisions that affect their lives

Media’s potential to curb corruption

Independent media can foster accountability – but in fragile states this type of media can be at risk of coercion and needs international support

How media influences politics in ‘fragile’ countries

Media should enable dialogue across the factional fault lines that exist in fractured fragile states such as Afghanistan and Iraq